Lotuel Quality Certificate

With this document, we certify that the skins we work with come from animals raised and intended for the consumption of their meat, therefore, the skin becomes a by-product that LOTUEL transforms into beautiful and elegant creations.

Our commitment is to use animal skins from livestock holdings that respect animal welfare. These farms keep the animals with high level of comfort, maintaining a high degree of cleanliness, and without the possibility that the animals suffer damage by hooks in barbed wire.

The making of LOTUEL bags is made in UBRIQUE, a city that by its artisan tradition and passion for luxury leather goods, well-deserved the title of being “the world capital of the manufacture of luxury bags”.

In LOTUEL, the skins are processed with a completely new tanning system, based on another by-product, in this case a well-known tree: El Olivo.

These tanning agents are extracted from the Olive leaf, that is collected after the olive harvest and thus, LOTUEL, creates skins free from metals – even in the dyeing process- as well as organic products with a distinctive fragrance.

LOTUEL’s quality commitment is always present; the selected skins are of the highest quality, the components are stainless steel, the packaging, etc., in general, all the components of our creations are rigorously chosen in terms of quality, complying with international REACH and ISO 9001 standards.

LOTUEL is synonymous with quality, beauty and sustainability. In LOTUEL we are always looking to improve the processes applied to the skin, as well as the functionality of our creations. We also try to contribute and have the lowest possible environmental impact, reducing CO2 emissions in our skin tanning processes, saving water and working with suppliers that always fulfill the commitment that LOTUEL demands in terms of sustainability, responsible ethics and fair trade.


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