Sara Model
Leather bag, based on vegetable tanning, from olive leaf extract, with Iroko wood cleat.
Sara Mini Model
Leather bag, based on vegetable tanning, from olive leaf extract, with Iroko wood cleat.
Audrey Model
Our Audrey model stands out for its bold design, with nautical-inspired motifs, such as the use of its cleat as a handle and the choice of its colors, blue ocean and green algae.
Kim Model
Attractive, functional and elegant. These are the adjectives that best describe our new model. A bag with a particular design, perfect for adopting different shapes and varying its volume.

Revolution comes from the union of concepts such as sustainability,
high-quality and beauty. Then, LOTUEL is born.

LOTUEL is natural skin. It is a brand new way of understanding design, a commitment to the environment and process innovation; LOTUEL is formed by people who get excited about the beauty and high quality of their creations.

The animal skin, intended for the use of shoes, all kinds of upholstery and leather goods – in our case, bag making- come from animals specifically raised for the consumption of their meat and, in the case of the exotics, from companies authorized to the breeding of these species.

Our main goal with regard to the use of the skin is to confront the negative impact on the environment. In LOTUEL, we are experts since we are backed by 3 decades of dedication in research and development in the treatment of the skin, innovating in techniques such as the processing of the skin, from what identifies us the most in the Iberian peninsula, El Olivo.


Our bovine hides are selected originally from fresh leather of Spanish procedence, meeting the quality standards required by LOTUEL.

Our skin tanning process is environmentally friendly, since we use a purely plant-based treatment, derived from the leaves of the Spanish olive trees, which provides an elegant scent to our products.

The appearance is shiny and fresh, with excellent light fastness and rub resistance, both dry and wet.


Face-mask pouches

“Lotuel” face-mask pouches are made with bovine leather that, unlike plastic cases, allow excellent breathability.

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