Kim Model

Attractive, functional and elegant. These are the adjectives that best qualify our new model. A bag versatil in its particular design, perfect for adopting different shapes and varying its capacity.

It is made with high-quality bovine hides, original from Spain, and it follows an environmentally friendly tanning process, completely plant-based.

This treatment creates sustainable leather thanks to a vegetable tanning process, derived from the olive leaf extract. This exclusive and ecological process, that suppresses the use of metals for the tasks of tanning and dyeing, is what makes our products unique in the market, creating elegant and functional pieces.

The high-quality inner lining is coloured in a vibrant orange, which gives the exemplar a bold and elegant touch. The bag’s interior has enough space for the daily use of the women of today, with a side zippered pocket, perfect for hiding small size belongings.


Quality Lotuel

The clothing process is completely hand-made in Ubrique (Spain), with care and love provided by the dedication of our Andalusian artisans, who after decades in this tradition, create unique and exclusive pieces. Each piece tells a story, and that is why every bag is linked to an artisan and numbered on the inside, along with a certificate of authenticity of the skin, in this case, ecological bovine hides.


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